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                   Dear Moutainbike and Sardinia enthusiast,

Bike-Guide-Sardinien presents information including photographs concerning Mountainbike tours. Additionally links have been incorporated into the pages, offering plentiful, interesting and important information together with advice with particular regard to Sardegna.

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The MTB-Guide Sardegna published by the "Bergverlag Rother" is on sale soon and provides information on tours in the following Regions:

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You will find more precise information under     REGIONEN     (German until changed)
The guide covers all kinds of tours from simple short routes for the beginner through to longer routes of up to 100 km reaching heights of up to 2000 m altitude with a total rise of 2200 m as well as testing passages which place demands on even the most seasoned Mountainbiker. Just wait and see! You can also find further information at       
Bergverlag Rother       (German Publisher)
A trial tour will be incorporated here in due course. You will find new photographs and pictures in our    GALLERIE    (German until changed) which will be regularly updated.

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           What awaits you:

as described previously, the guide deals with various regions of the turkish riviera and the lycian coast. Every tour in each of the regions has a easy to get to start and finishing point.

Additional long journeys with the bike, bus or car to get to the tour starting point are not necessary.

Based on one tour per day, each region offers enough tours for a stay of one week. In most regions there is an extensive Bike programme, enough to fill a one week holiday. The tours described cater for every taste. From an easy flat tour through to tours of average difficulty and climbs through to tours with high climbs and demanding descents - everything is available. And of course not to forget the wide variety of nature and culture offered. The most part of each tour takes you through wonderful surroundings and scenery. Towns of historical interest are sometimes even the finishing point of some of the tours.

You will find a more detailed description of the tours under       REGIONEN.     (German until changed)

You would like more information concerning the how and why of the guides? - Click      ALLGEMEIN         (German until changed)

Is Sardegna an island for Mountain Bikers? - Definitely! Some of the good reasons are to be found here:        "Why Sardegna?"         (German until changed)

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